Zen dojos is a great place to train, I started training in their Krav-Maga 6 months ago and it’s been an amazing experience. It’s really boosted my confidence and it’s given me something to look forward to during this pandemic, they offer online classes too so I didn’t have to stop training during the shutdown. Marco is a fantastic instructor, he is a great teacher and he’s very involved, you can tell he really cares about his students.

– Lily R. (Google Reviews)


Zen Dojos has been a blessing during this whole Covid-19 stay at home order. Everyday my kids have something to look forward to with their virtual classes. Not only that, but it feels like the perfect break in their day to help them wind down. Not only does it give them something to do but Sensei Marco teaches the kids lessons in; self respect, the importance of family, and having a good time learning karate! Thank you Zen Dojos for making Covid-19 a little easier to bear with. Your services are beyond expectations.

– Carmelo G. (Google Reviews)


I love this Karate Dojo in San Juan Capistrano. It’s a very clean establishment and I love how passionate the instructors are. I recommend Zen Dojo in SJC to all my friends and family.

– Al S. (Google Reviews)


Zen Dojos is a great place to train for all ages. The instructors here have many years of experience. They are helpful, professional, personable and promote a safe learning environment. If you have little or no background in martial arts, they have excellent beginner classes for youths and adults as well. I am a 55-year-old average sized woman with no previous experience. They made me feel welcomed, and comfortable. I enrolled in their Krav Maga classes. I have learned so much in a short amount of time with just a few classes per week. My classmates are helpful and encouraging. Learning self-defense is both empowering, and builds self-esteem. I encourage women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to come in and learn from the very best. It’s never too late in life to explore your full potential. Just come in and take a tour. That’s what I did.

– Gail R. (Google Reviews)


This is an amazing dojo with great instructors who help every student develop and grow their martial arts skills as well as general life skills. We moved here a little over a year ago and interviewed several dojos before deciding on Zen Dojos. My boys had been in martial arts for about 5 yrs in Northern California at a dojo that set the bar very high. We are thrilled to have found Zen Dojo to continue their training. We’ve been with Zen Dojo over a year now and my twin 10-year-old boys love it, are learning a lot and are super motivated – borrowing with pride a quote from another Zen Dojo student: to black belt and beyond. Sensei Marco and Sensei Ian are top notch instructors. They also offer great summer camps and various fun events throughout the year.

– Lauren A. (Google Reviews)

My kids have been attending Zen Dojo’s for over a year. The instructors are great and have done a great job working with us to instill the values and morals that are important in our home.  What I appreciate about Paul is that he challenges the kids to earn their promotions. He doesn’t move them along based on time or age. The kids truly earn their ranks as they develop in the program. With that said, our kids love going to classes and have made a number of good friends during their time at Zen Dojo’s. The reason that the kids have so much fun and learn so much is because of the leadership provided by all of the instructors but especially Sensei Marco.

– Brandon M. (Yelp Reviews)

My son has gained exceptional confidence and looks forward to the classes.
They encourage your child to be all they can be along with respecting yourself and others along the way.

– Dorothea C. (Yelp Reviews)

You’ll receive “top shelf”, high quality martial arts training here.  As a student of this dojo for over 6 years now I can attest how much the instructors care about their students.  Master Paul, Senseis Marco and Ian are very attentive, knowledgeable, and super instructors.  Most recently, with the addition of Daniel Carlini the flavor of the Krav Maga classes is robust, intense, and captivating.  Master Paul and his team are very involved with their community by way offering Free Women’s Self Defense Seminars. The dojo is clean and welcoming.

– Sandra S. (Yelp Reviews)

I’ve taken Karate in the past at another dojo many years ago. The instructors here are far superior. They really teach you the principle behind what they teach. In the past I leaned forms without knowing exactly how to execute what I was taught. Thank you Sensai Ian and Sensai Marco for your great instruction. My 6-year-old daughter has also become much more disciplined since starting Karate. It is such a good skill to know how to defend oneself.

– Stephanie M. (Yelp Reviews)

Having been in the health care industry as a wellness doctor for over twenty five years I know the importance of a good safe workout.  At Zen Dojos I have found a very conscientious group of professionals who are dedicated to your learning the material to be affective.  Whether you are looking for self defense or just a good balanced workout you will not be disappointed.  I highly recommend this studio for the entire family.  If you are not sure this is what your looking for come in for a FREE introductory lesson.  I have been working out here for nearly two years and have brought my kids as well.  The facility is clean and professional run however you will still feel right at home.

– Dr. Bradley S. (Yelp Reviews)