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Junior Karate Simple Start Up Package | One Week Training + FREE Uniform

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Our junior classes are the perfect choice when you want to get your child started! Beginning with your child’s very first class, our instructors will get your child punching, chopping, kicking and having a great time! As kids learn all the fun martial arts moves, they enjoy a world other benefits as well.

Classes are 30/45mins Monday – Thursday 4:00pm & 5:30pm

Held at: 31888 Del Obispo #C6, San Juan Capistrano, California 92675

Product Description

Our incredible Black Belt instructors are true professionals at teaching martial arts to our juniors, and will teach the foundation of our school style, Ninpo Taijutsu or Ninjutsu, to your child. What's more, your child will learn critical self-defense skills, how to brush off peer pressure, and to understand how to act in tough situations. We'll give your child the important life skills and courage your child's need to succeed!
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