KAratE Kids

Karate Kids (ages 3-6)

Children as young as three-years-old can benefit from participating in our program. Our program stresses on Focus, Discipline, Confidence, and most of all a FUN experience.

We place a special emphasis on the mental attributes of concentration, patience, and self-control as we explore the fundamental physical principles of balance, timing, and basic Martial Arts techniques.


We Often Encounter Kids Who Have:

  • Amazing personalities, but they are too shy to share who they are with the world.
  • Incredible gifts to offer, but a low self esteem that holds them back.
  • Tons of energy but they put it towards video games instead of more physical pursuits.
  • Big dreams, but not enough courage just yet to chase them.
  • Short attention spans.

The good news is, that this is exactly what our programs will help them with!